Healing Intelligence is a force inside all of us. As a part of Nature, we are innately self-healing, once we remove the unnatural obstacles that are getting in the way.

This can be anything from the way our modern-day lifestyles are so far from that of our ancestors, to the learned conditioning and beliefs we have all picked up that are harming us more than helping us.

I interweave my gifts as a life coach and reiki master (energy healer) to help you with any kind of healing you are seeking.

I don’t heal you. I help you connect with your Guide Inside, with your Inner Healing Intelligence.

I specialize in helping you heal from past trauma, healing your relationship with food and body (with or without the goal of weight loss), healing your relationship with money, and healing your relationship with your faith.

I also help facilitate psychedelic plant medicine retreats for healing and expansion, and I help you to prepare before your journey and integrate your experience after your journey. Plant medicines provide life-changing meaningful experiences and enhanced neuroplasticity superpowers to actually change your day-to-day life in both your inner and outer world.

about me

I’m Jess Reid, a multi-passionate Spirit-led entrepreneur and certified life coach with the International Coaching Federation, host of the Self-Care Keto podcast, and the founder of my own coaching practice.

In 2013, I was about 50 lbs. overweight, in debt, just coming out of some religious trauma, and I still had lots of unhealed childhood trauma that I had no idea how much was impacting my beliefs and therefore my life.

In a desperate attempt to lose 10 lbs. before having to feel everyone’s judgment about my body at the holidays, I started eating a low carb diet 3 weeks before Thanksgiving. I did lose those 10 lbs. in the first two weeks, but what I did not expect was how incredible I felt. At the time, I knew nothing about a keto diet. For me this had just been another “diet mentality” attempt to bring myself back under control after feeling like I was out of control with food. I had no idea this would start me down a journey of not only losing those 50 lbs. of overweight, but finally healing my relationship with food, weight, and body image.

I didn’t know how good I could feel until I knew how good I could feel.

This premise impacted so much more than just what I ate. Where else in my life could I feel better? If I did something else differently, how much more could I like my life? How much better could things get?

What started off as a weight loss journey created in me a relentless pursuit of finally truly meeting my own needs and creating a life I actually LIKE.

I started Self-Care Keto coaching in 2017 and I still love it, and now I also coach more expansively.

I don’t look at my coaching practice as a business idea I had, but as answering a divine call to some major life commitments.

These include:

  • Healing our relationship with food, body, money, and faith
  • Receiving abundance by understanding and using our spiritual gifts

Regardless of the primary reason women sign up to coach with me, we may talk about any and/or all of these things, because I bring all of myself to the coaching relationship and I invite you to do the same.

My path is to learn and teach what fascinates me, to turn my life experience into wisdom that lights the path for others, and to lift the veil on the illusions keeping you stuck so that you can create the life you want.

I live in Virginia Beach with my husband and 6 year old daughter. When I’m not coaching, I love books, podcasts, walking in Nature, yoga, breathwork, and facilitating psychedelic retreats.

What is Coaching?

The term coach actually comes from the word stagecoach – yep, like Cinderella’s pumpkin! Just as a stagecoach is a vehicle that helps transport you from one place to another, a coach is a resource who helps you get from where you are right now to where you want to be.

I’ve gained so many tools and resources since starting my healing journey in 2013 and starting my coaching practice in 2017, but this is about so much more than me sharing what I’ve learned. There will be plenty of that as well, and this is actually called mentorship (aka sharing the wisdom gained from personal experience.)

My spiritual gift is coaching, which is the art of calling people forward into their full potential and helping them to remove what’s getting in the way.

  • I use my intuition to ask powerful questions to help you release the wisdom and resources already inside of you.

  • I’m a mirror reflecting back to you the best of what you can’t see inside of yourself because you’ve been taught not to. (I help you unlearn this bullshit.)

  • I help you experience self-compassion and unconditional love for yourself by experiencing it through me first (which of course originates in God/Source and flows through me.)

  • I provide you with inspired and aligned resources to continue the self-exploration, reflection, and action in between our coaching sessions.

  • I provide power alongside of you, not above you or in front of you. We are equals co-creating.


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coaching services

New Client package: $2,997.00 USD

Payment Plans Available From $150 Per Month.


  • 8 full weeks of daily Voxer messaging for check-ins, Q&A, support, and encouragement

  • 6 fifty-minute asynchronous Voxer coaching sessions over 8 weeks (with 1 week each month built in as a Rest & Digest week, where I will teach you how to practice self-coaching, with resources & messaging support provided)

  • If you want to continue coaching after this, extension packages are available.


  • Learn simple body-based ways to regulate your nervous system, allowing you to release whatever unhelpful behaviors might be doing this for you, and to feel safe to expand into the new life you desire

  • Create and implement customized, concrete strategies to reach your goals in a way that fits your lifestyle and personality.

  • Discover your unique form of motivation magic and learn how to celebrate and work in sync with it.

  • Uncover your personality strengths and values and find how they align to your healing journey, freeing your inspired and aligned actions to naturally flow with integrity, ease, and joy.

  • Discover, honor, and apply your human design, feminine energy, and lunar cycles as superpowers in your life, work, and relationships.

  • Dig deep to reveal your self-sabotaging beliefs and rewire your brain with beliefs that serve you and set you free.

Free Curiosity Call

Ready to get started? I offer a 100% free curiosity call so that I can learn more about you and your goals and address any fears, concerns, or questions you might have.